Ferrari News: 2015 Ferrari California T – The Epitome of Elegance According to the trending Ferrari news, the Italian sports-car maker needs to adhere through stricter emission and fuel-efficiency regulation. Being the largest producer of luxury automobiles in the world, they have to sell cars that follow these firm guidelines.

This is why the latest supercar Ferrari has released its turbocharged car – the 2015 Ferrari California T. It boasts its new twin-turbo V-8 which definitely decreases half-a-liter of displacement, but gains two turbochargers with extra functional components. These features really perk up the car’s performance, while significantly providing more power and cleaner emission.

Sporty, elegant and versatile, the new 2015 Ferrari California T is equipped with a variable boost management system that comes in two twin-scrolls turbocharges. Ferrari has added this upgrade so that the auto will work progressively. This will make the driving experience better for drivers as the turbo lag of the engine will not be detected. However, turbocharged cars are not much of a screamer. Despite the efforts of Ferrari of making it sound like a supercar, without the expensive three-piece headers, it will not resemble the sound. But overall, this car epitomizes sublime elegance and exclusivity where every Ferrari model has been known for. Watch out for more Ferrari news and stay updated.

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